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Solar Panels on Roof

Power your Home from your roof

You can install a solar plant on your roof to produce your own clean energy more efficiently than your current electric company. No more transporting energy from coal mine to power plant to your home. With solar energy you produce power from your roof to your electric panel. The best part is that the sun provides free energy for you to capture and turn into electricity every day.

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Solar lowers your monthly electric payment by replacing your current electric company with clean, lower cost solar energy. The price ($) per Kilowatt Hour (KwH) is lower than your monopoly electric provider as you replace your current utility bill with a cost efficient solar loan payment. Energy is a bill you will pay every month, with or without solar. Going solar and financing the system lowers that monthly payment.

Solar Panel Installation

Easy Installation & Production Warranties

Your solar installers are local to you to ensure the most competitive price possible. You also get a leading 25 year production guarantee to insure your system over the lifetime it is on your roof. This insurance is from a 3rd party company which means your warranty stands the test of time. You will not be left alone.


interesting facts about solar Panels

A Battery, Combined with Solar, Means no More Power Outages

Solar is Cheaper than Electricity per Month. 20%-40% Savings on Energy

Federal Tax Credit of 26% = A huge Initial Return on Investment

Going Solar Increases the Value of your Home 

Solar Energy




Solar energy solutions have graduated to a professional, reliable and affordable system over the last 10 years. With advances in technology and the decrease in price of panels, solar systems are now more accessible for homeowners than ever before.


Matriarch Solar was set up by NFL veteran John Carney and his wife, Holly, to provide a principled, transparent and trusted sales agency for solar systems, so to ensure homeowners are educated on the benefits of solar, receive professional consultation on their energy needs, and a clear understanding of the financial benefits and requirements of this investment opportunity.


Matriarch Solar is a solar energy service provider partnered with, Virtual Solar Advisors (VSA). VSA is an established residential and commercial solar fulfillment platform that pairs homeowners and businesses to pre-vetted, highly reputable local installers, and has every financing and equipment option available on the market.


Matriarch Solar sales agents are recruited and trained by our President, Conor Mangan, to ensure we retain the company values set by the Carneys. Conor originates in real estate, and specializes in education, training, sales and management. As our President, the company is led with loyalty, passion and a drive to give you the very best in clean, powerful energy, and sales service."





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