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Everything you need to know about residential solar power installation

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Gone are the days when solar panels on the rooftop were considered ugly; now, they are the future of home energy production, and smart investment. The industry has come a long way in making solar panels look great, both on your rooftop and your yard.

When thinking about going solar, a lot of questions strike in our mind: Is it difficult to install solar panels? How does a solar panel work ? How much does a solar panel cost?

Well, with this, let us tell you that solar panels also work on cloudy days just like they do on a bright sunny day.

But trust us, there is a never-ending carousel of questions, options, and advantages, so it’s immensely crucial for you to know everything about residential solar power installation.

Let’s learn some basics before taking a deep dive into the pool of solar energy.

Solar energy provides a blanket solution to all the electricity woes; it saves you money and eliminates the long process of transporting energy from coal mines to power plants to your home.

People across the globe are making a significant shift to solar energy; why? Because apart from being economical, it also provides incredible benefits to the environment by minimizing the carbon footprint- thus, if you choose solar, in one way or another, you’re also joining the climate change movement.

Solar energy is always driven by some myths relating to their installation that needs to be dispelled with immediate effect. But you’re not alone on this journey - we are here for you.

Let’s unravel the plethora of questions and myths related to residential solar power installation haunting you for years.

Myth1: Solar Power Panels do not work on Cloudy Days

This is indeed the biggest myth of the era; that is why we claimed that solar panels work when the clouds are out at the beginning of this write-up, especially in May grey and June gloom.

There’s not even an iota of doubt in saying that solar panels are most effective in direct sunlight as photovoltaic panels use sunlight to generate power. However, they still work even when the clouds partially block the sunlight. Cities with less-than-optimal weather, from blizzards to rain and fog, can reap the benefits of solar panels very well.

Myth 2: Solar Panels do not hold up against the wind

There’s a long-going myth about solar panels that they get damaged by the wind; however, science says solar panels are highly resistant to damage from windy conditions on the flip side. Solar panels are built to withstand significant pressure from wind and hailstorm.

Generally, when the wind blows, it passes through the small spaces between the panels and the roof. Several solar panels are more resistant to windy conditions than the top itself.

Myth 3: Solar panels will damage your rooftop

Away from the one-size-fits-all phenomenon, solar panels are customized as per the specific needs of homeowners; this is how these panels benefit the roof instead of damaging them. However, Solar panels can be installed on the ground or the rooftop, but installing them on your roof is highly recommended as they preserve and protect the roof by covering a large portion. Besides, solar panels can easily be removed as they aren’t directly attached to the rooftop; they are just mounted on the top of it.

Myth 4: Installation of solar panels is a tricky thing

Installation of solar panels on your rooftop is complicated or not; this depends upon the manufacturer. Using a reliable manufacturer will straightforwardly make the installation easier beyond your anticipation. Before installing panels, you need to remove the dust or debris that has trapped your rooftop. Matriarch Solar provides easy installation of clean and lower-cost solar energy at your doorsteps with solar installers that are local to you to ensure the most competitive price possible. Matriarch pledges complete transparency in our insurance and installation process that stands the test of time.

Now, as we have busted all the myths about Residential Solar Installation, we guess it’s the time we should move to unfold some of the frequently asked questions about Residential solar.


FAQ 1: What will happen if snow falls on my solar panels?

As mentioned in the name, solar systems generate electricity by using sunlight with photovoltaic panels’ help and have nothing to do with snow in energy conversion. However, solar panels are strong enough that snow and sun won’t cause any structural damage. Panels are tilted in a position to slide off the snow on the ground.

FAQ 2: What will be the cost of installing solar panels?

The cost of installing residential solar systems is going down gradually with every coming year, making it easier for homeowners to go solar. The cost of installing solar panels in California ranges from $12,665 to $17,135. The Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is 22%, which means 22% of the installation fee will be taken out of your taxes at the end of the year, and after the federal tax credit and other local incentives, the net price you’ll pay will fall by hundreds of dollars.

FAQ 3: What is Net Metering and How does it works?

Solar power on your rooftop can often generate more electricity than you can consume in a day. Net Metering is a utility billing mechanism through which you will be billed only for the net energy used every month. Local Installers of Matriarch Solar will install a net meter on your property to track the difference between the electricity generated by the system and the energy consumed by your home.

FAQ 4: Do solar panels require heavy maintenance charges?

Solar panels are generally made up of such highly durable material that they don’t need maintenance for 30 to 35 years. They keep on generating electricity without getting damaged. However, if something happens to your panels, Matriarch Solar provides you multiple warranties at the time of installation of your residential Solar Panels.

FAQ 5: Can I afford to install solar panels on my rooftop?

Installing solar panels on your rooftop will help you eliminate the hefty electricity bills because they come with the term of one-time investment with suitable yet affordable options. The cost of solar panel installation in California depends upon your manufacturer. Matriarch solar provides you the opportunity of going solar by $0-down financing programs making it easy for the homeowners to start saving on their electricity bills by opting for green energy.

Investing in matriarch solar energy is a one-time investment that will make you see your electricity meter spinning backward with 20-40% savings on energy, not to mention with the 22% federal tax credit. What on earth sounds better than this?

To find out just how solar panels can make a considerable cost difference for your home or business, get in touch with us today for a free and probably the best solar panel sales company in California, no-obligation quote. Call us now at +1-820-300-2727.

Go solar and put the sun to work for you!

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