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Solar Power Information And Facts-Why Go Solar

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

There are countless reasons why homeowners go solar but cutting energy costs and improving the environment are the most common. Whether your motivations for going solar are personal, economic, or environmental, solar power's significant benefits undoubtedly improve property value and help us cut down dramatically on our carbon footprint.

In the last decade alone, the concept of solar energy has experienced an average annual growth rate of a staggering 49 percent increase in installations! Thanks to rapidly declining costs, increasing demand across the public and private sectors for clean electricity, and favorable federal policies such as the Solar Investment Tax Credit, there are now more than 85 gigawatts of solar capacity installed in the United States, enough to power more than 16 million homes.

Solar Energy As A Powerful Economic Engine

Approximately 250,000 Americans work in the solar industry as of Fall 2019, which is more than double the number in 2012, at more than 10,000 companies in almost every state of the U.S. It is worthwhile to note that the solar industry generated a massive $18.7 billion of investment in the American economy.

Solar Surge Is Primarily Driven By Falling Prices

Over the last decade, the cost of installing solar has dropped by more than 70 percent, which has prompted the industry to explore new markets and deploy thousands of systems nationwide. Prices of solar panels as of A1 2020 are at their lowest levels in the history across all segments of the market.

Share Of Solar Energy Has Grown Rapidly

In each of the last seven years, solar Power has ranked first or second in new electric capacity additions. Last year, 40 percent of all new electric capacity added to the grid came from solar, which is the largest share in history. The increasing competitiveness of Solar against other forms of electricity and technologies has allowed it to quickly increase its total electrical generation share in the United States from just 0.1 percent in 2010 to nearly 3 percent today.

Let us now have a close look at some of the amazing benefits of solar power and why its popularity is on the surge.

  • Most solar panels last for a minimum of 20-25 years.

  • Our solar panels offer a 25-year performance warranty on every panel.

  • Huge Investment Tax Credit from the Federal government (26% in 2020).

  • Approximately 5,391 million metric tons of CO2 are emitted by the United States alone each year. A little under 1 ton/kilowatt of CO2 gets saved by making the use of solar energy. A 30-kilowatt system would save the environment about 2.5 tons of greenhouse gas or more.

  • A GTM report predicts community solar could grow 20-30 times by 2030.

  • 89 percent of Americans support more solar farms.

  • The Sun produces enough energy every second to cover the energy requirements of the Earth for 500,000 years. Of that energy, enough power reaches our planet in one hour to power all of humanity for a year.

  • 235 mayors representing all states of the United States have signed Environment America’s “Mayors For Solar Energy” letter.

  • The average American's home going solar for a year would be equivalent to driving about 18,000 miles less, growing 122 tree seedlings for ten years, avoiding adding more than 12,500 pounds of CO2 to the atmosphere, and not burning over 8,000 pounds of coal.

Maximizing The Benefits Of Solar

To increase your investment return and reduce your payback period, you can make your home an energy efficient household. Small lifestyle changes and actions can go a long way to reduce your electricity consumption significantly.

Some of these could be:-

  • Purchase energy-efficient appliances.

  • Turn off all appliances at the wall - turn off standby power.

  • Turn off air conditioners and heaters when you are out.

  • Shade East and West windows from the Sun.

When designing your solar system, Matriarch Solar will help you maximize the in-house utilization of your solar production.

To find out just how solar panels can make a huge cost difference for your home or business, get in touch with us today for a free, no obligation quote. Call us now at +1-820-300-2727.

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